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Marina Junqueira - from film industry artisan to visionary artist


Marina Junqueira's artistic journey started in 2017, marking her transition from the film industry to the realm of visual art. Unlike traditional artists, her background lacks formal training in Fine Arts and any upbringing immersed in artistic surroundings.


Having spent years as an artisan in the film industry, Marina possesses a unique perspective on art. Unburdened by conventional hierarchies, she draws inspiration from animation pioneers like William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Tex Avery, and Walt Disney, valuing them as much as revered artists like Michelangelo or Renoir.


Marina turns ordinary aspects of her daily life into extraordinary works of art. She employs drawing to craft whimsical caricatures of reality, skillfully combining color and space to make every image significant.


Her recent forays into experimentation explore diverse media and processes, while her commitment to sustainability is evident in her reuse of materials, finding beauty in the remnants of paint and textures in her paper palette.


Notably, Marina has the talent to spot figurative elements within stains and cutouts, transforming them into 3D characters within her mini world paintings. These small sets offer endless possibilities, like snapshots of bustling microcosms.


By integrating technology, Marina adapts to the modern art landscape, uniting traditional and contemporary techniques. Her work is a testament to her mission to ignite our imagination. She is a living example of art's power to transcend personal and artistic boundaries.


She invites us to find beauty in the everyday and to celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary, where drawing breathes life into reality.

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