One of the most enjoyable parts of my childhood was to draw whilst watching cartoons. Bright colours and wacky images made an early impression.

I went to university at seventeen. Visual Communication taught me discipline and planted a seed which is now in bloom; whereas through my Architectural studies I developed a distinct taste for interior design, and the beginning of my worship for design in all its forms.

The nineties were spent mostly overseas. In southern England I was enchanted by the quaint, weird and eccentric; then a move across the Atlantic to New York led me to painting as well as Art Direction and Production Design for the Film industry.

Upon returning to Brazil in 1999 and up until 2017, I produced and art directed for art documentaries, reality TV shows, charity and advertising campaigns, and comedy shows.

Drawing is now my full time occupation. Merged influences are channelled automatically, and are expressed through mixed experiments with ink, paint, collage and graffiti. My work embraces exuberant colours and the chaos from surreal psychedelic characters and forms. Inspiring elements from local daily routines generate a unique relationship between me and the community where I delve deep into and interact with its culture, habits, language, and people.

IV Circuito Arte Búzios 
Espaço Cultural Zanine
Armação dos Búzios
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
August 2019
Feira Oriente de Artes Visuais 2019
Villa Aymoré
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Nov – Dec 2019
Feira Oriente
December 2018
Galeria Jacarandá
Vila Aymoré – RJ
Summer Exhibition
Galeria Flory Menezes
Rua das Pedras 168 lj8
Armação dos Búzios
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
February 2019